back-end development

Back-End Development

Have you got a minute? Can you quickly do this? At Albert Webstein we understand that sometimes you need 25 hours in the day to run a business. Thats why we are here to take care of the weekly specials or upload the pictures of that fantastic job you just finished.

front-end development

Front-End Development

Traditional website developers charge an arm and a leg to set up a website and once the website is live leave the owner to fend for themselves. NOT ON OUR WATCH, Albert Webstein’s content management team are here to take care of all the scary new pictures, specials and details that are crucial to a companies online success.

third party add-ons

Third Party Add-ons

We offer a range of third party add-ons.

Custom Maps


Inform Customers
Custom Colored Maps
Interactive Google Maps

Social Feeds


Updates From Social Feed
Only upload one pic/status
Gain more likes

Contact Us/Quote Form


Generate New Business
Pushed direct to any email
Custom Questions

Newsletter Sign-ups


Build Customer Database
Future sales
Pairs with Mailing Campaigns

Lightbox Feature


Clean Picture/menu load
Opens on the same page
Visitor does not leave page

Youtube Feed


Product Demonstrations
Advertise product/service
Gain more views

Ebay Store Combo


Drive Sales Directly
Dynamic Store Updates
Easily Maintain through existing
Ebay store



Secures your website with encryption
Boost’s Search Engine Result’s
Necessary to take credit card payments

Rapid Cloud Optimization


Website Loads Super Fast
Worldwide Hosts
Protects Against Known Threats

Google Analytics


Reports on: How many clicks
Unique Visitors
Device used to access site Operating
System Used
Location Accessed from

Content Adjustments


Hassle Free Expert Service
Competitively Priced

Ad-Words Campaign


Increase clicks & Sales Manage Advertising Costs Increase Search Results The new Yellow Pages

Merchant Facility


Get Paid Online No Monthly Bank Fees Integrates with Invoicing & Accounting Solution

Invoicing & Accounting


Generate Invoices easy Accounts are automatically updated Access Anywhere

Shopify Support

Build custom e-commerce stores powered by shopify including everything you need to set up an online store

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We build websites for small to medium business with tailored solutions from online stores, blogs and information